Local Missions

Missions work done in our community doesn't have the splash and bling of trips across the country or around the world, but it is still very important and just as much part of God's purpose for our lives.

This month, Dayspring was able to assist in getting food to people in our community who can sometimes live without it. Can you imagine going the whole weekend without eating because there literally is no food in your family's possession? School provides two meals a day for these children, but sometimes on the weekend, there is nothing.

In teaming up with Gwen Byrd of the Monroe County School system and the Backpack Buddies program, Dayspring provided 48 bags of food to these children who may not have otherwise eaten. The food was all dry or canned so that it could sit on a shelf and not spoil. Gwen was getting fresh vegetables to take to the families along with the bags as she went on her visits. She said the other thing that she tries to take to the children is gently loved books and stuffed animals.

Look for announcements when we may have the opportunity to do something similar again and thank you for your generosity this time!



Baby Bottle Boomerang 2021

“You saw me before I was born” Psalm 139:16

When you fill this bottle with change, cash, and checks.

You help provide a free pregnancy test, baby supplies, parenting classes

and a hand of friendship to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.


You help broken families get a second chance by being mended through prayer and our counseling services.


You help 7th – 12th grade students receive instruction from “Choosing the Best,” an abstinence centered sex education program in Monroe County.


You allow us to continue spreading the pro-life message to the Middle Georgia area. (This is currently our 31st year.)


You help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community.


Thank you for your prayers & support!

Bottles will be available for pickup . Please return your bottle by June 20, 2021