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Bring a dish or three to pass on Sunday, June 2 and we will fellowship together following the morning worship.  Then we will hear from the Harbins and the Stricklands as they tell us about their trips to Africa this spring to visit their daughters - our missionaries!

Keep the recipes coming on Sunday, June 9 as we fellowship again following the morning worship and then have a question and answer time with Pastor Dave about the plans to start a Classical Christian school at Dayspring.

Women in the Church

This summer, the women of Dayspring will visit a different market each month with an eye to items that represent our missionaries' cuisines.  We will begin on Monday, June 24 with a trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market.  We will leave the church at 9am and return in the afternoon following a lunch in the area near the market.

The July market trip will be to an Indian market in Macon and the August trip will be to an Asian market in Atlanta.  Watch the bulletin and newsletter for further details about each of these trips.

Ladies Lunch - All ladies are invited to attend a lunch at Dayspring on Wednesday, June 12, as a "thank you" to Angela Coleman who cleans our church.  Let's show her our appreciation for the good job she does.

Baby Bottle Boomerang

Please bring your filled baby bottles to the church by Father's Day.  The donations will be used by the Pregnancy and Family Life Center of Monroe County to continue many valuable ministries in our community.

General Assembly

Keep the PCA elders from across the country in prayer as they meet in Richmond, Virginia from Jun 11 through 14 for the annual General Assembly.  Pastor Dave and two ruling elders will be attending from Dayspring.

Westminster Confession Study 

This study of the rich foundational book used in the Presbyterian Church of America will begin again in September.  From September through May we meet three nights per month.

Mercy Mats

Jesus told us that we would always have the poor with us but He indicated that we should also help them as we are able.  In response to Jesus' instructions, we are preparing Mercy Mats, sleeping mats for the homeless made out of recycled plastic grocery bags.  These mats give a layer of comfort and some protection from wet and cold.  Please see the Dayspring calendar on the front page of this website for dates and times when we will gather to work on these mats.  It is a simple process that anyone can do and you are welcome to join us!

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