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Baby Bottle Boomerang



Thank you for your generosity in this fundraising campaign!  The donations will be used by the Pregnancy and Family Life Center of Monroe County to continue many valuable ministries in our community.

The newest service available at the Center is ultrasound screenings.  Appointments can be made by calling 478-994-3173.

Volunteers are also needed to work in the Clothes Closet and counseling clients.

You are invited to meet with fellow believers for an informal time of singing, study,

and prayer beginning at 5:30pm each Sunday evening.  Seekers welcome!

Sunday Evening Worship


Women In the Church

We have finished our year of Bible study and are ready for a summer of fun and fellowship!

This summer, we will be visiting various markets in Atlanta and Macon with an eye to the foods of our missionaries' cultures.  Join us on Monday, July 1 as we begin with a trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market.  We will meet at Dayspring at 9am and return after we enjoy lunch in the area surrounding the Market.

Future trips will include the Indian market in Macon and an Asian market in Atlanta.


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