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Welcome to Dayspring Presbyterian Church in the name of our LORD! Dayspring is a Christ centered, Biblically based, Reformed Church that seeks to Glorify God, to Grow in Truth and Love, and to Go to the Nations.

We are committed to joyful worship that has as its purpose not the pleasing of man but the Glory of God.  So we seek to worship God not as we determine, but as He Himself has revealed in His Word, by the Holy Spirit. 

We are committed to growing in Truth and Love. Because God “has exalted above all things His Name and His Word” and because “Scripture cannot be broken,” we seek to know the Bible - which is absolute, unchanging and inerrant - and to apply its truth to every part of our lives. Because “God is love” we desire to grow in love for Him and our love for each other.

We are committed to Going to the Nations. Because God has called us to love, and because every human being without Christ faces the eternal judgement of God, we seek to proclaim the Good News of forgiveness and reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ - first to our local community - and then to the peoples of the world. To that end, we are committed to prayer and financial support of missions and missionaries in both this country and others around the world.

David Martin

Senior Pastor

We invite you to come and worship with us this coming

LORD’s Day!

For His Kingdom,



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